How to Plan Your 2020 Home Remodeling Project

2020 is in full swing, yet the vision for your next home renovation project may not be crystal clear yet — and that’s okay! We’re here to give you some steps and tips for planning a home remodel, including how to order, prioritize, and make a detailed plan that will reduce stress levels while keeping you within budget and on schedule.

Build a Detailed Home Improvement Project Plan

6 to 12 months before the start date. Your project plan should include:
  • A list of needs and wants out of your project
  • Blueprints or sketches of the completed project
  • Identifying steps that will require a professional
  • Obtaining necessary zoning permits

Set a Budget

3 to 6 months before the start date. The budget should include the costs for permits and building materials, labor costs, as well as the cost of decoration or cosmetic touches. To build your budget:
  • Set aside 10% of your budget for unexpected costs
  • Request cost estimates from contractors or home services
  • Price out all required materials
  • If the estimates exceed your budget, go back to step one to eliminate elements that are lower priority. Compare multiple contractors’ rates for the best option for your budget

Hire Contractors

3 months before the start date. When interviewing and selecting your contractors, consider:
  • Years of experience
  • Contracting license
  • Certificate of insurance
  • References (through contractor, online, etc.)
  • Payment schedule
Going DIY? Make sure you have the expertise, resources, and support you need to complete the job without any outside hired help!

Make a Timeline

2 to 3 months before the start date. Speak with your contractors regarding the length of time each portion of the project will most likely take. Also, make sure your timeline:
  • Involves time cleaning out the project vicinity
  • Allows for material delivery
  • Accounts for holidays your contractors may not be available during
  • A few buffer days for unexpected issues

Plan for Waste Removal

Don’t wait until your contractors are piling concrete in your driveway to consider the waste removal arrangements! If you need a roll-off dumpster or 10-yard dumpster near Bucks County to dispose of the construction debris for your next home project, contact Horizon Disposal Services today!