Summer comes with bursting energy, making you want to complete various projects. Whether it is fixing the roof, removing the old shed or siding, or finishing your garage, summer is the best time to get home projects off the to-do list. And since you have various things to accomplish this season, streamlining everything is a must-do. One of the biggest challenges with home cleaning and renovation is waste, which is why you should consider a dumpster. Below are the four reasons to rent a dumpster in Trenton this summer. 

Four reasons you need to rent a dumpster this summer

A dumpster is a versatile container that can handle various residential, commercial, or construction projects. So whichever project you have lined up this summer, you can rest easy knowing that the right dumpster size can handle the debris.

Home cleanout

Are you planning to declutter your home during summer? Life happens, and you can find yourself stuck with a cluttered garage, attic, storage, or basement in a blink of an eye. Summer is the ideal time to edit your home, room-by-room, and dust every knock and cranny, removing all the junk. 

However, the trash can get out of hand quickly and may not fit in your curbside collection. This is where the junk dumpster comes in. Whether you’ve got a small garage cleanout or an entire estate to declutter, there is a container to fit any-size home junk. Renting a dumpster makes it a breeze to haul all the garbage in one trip.

Businesses, too, collect tons of junk over time, and summer can be the ideal time to dispose of all the office and store clutter. 


If you’ve wanted to install a new kitchen for ages, summer might be the ideal time for remodeling. You can upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, garage, roof, siding, windows, or outdoor space. However, with such labor-intensive home jobs come huge piles of debris. You need an easy way to dispose of the old cabinets, flooring material, shingles, concrete, general junk, etc.

You can rent a remodeling dumpster to make the process easier. Whether tackling a DIY or working with remodeling experts, a dumpster provides the necessary convenience to manage the waste. Our friendly dumpster specialist can help you find the perfect dumpster size for your remodeling job in Trenton.


Research shows that a whopping 60% of people moving do so during summer. If you’ve got to move out of the Trenton area this summer, you might need to rent a dumpster. Let’s face it, you can’t carry everything, and the remaining ones need proper disposal. Often, many people prefer to declutter a month or so before moving, ensuring that they have enough time to dispose of anything that needs to go.

A container rental provides the space to keep all the junk awaiting disposal. Once you fill it up, a driver will come to pick up the container and transport it to a transfer facility.  

reasons to rent a dumpster in Trenton


Landscaping is another reason to rent a dumpster in Trenton this summer. Beautifying your lawn is no walk in the park. From pruning, trimming, and digging up stumps to eliminating bushes and cleaning up the yard, landscaping can be taxing. 

Rent a roll-off dumpster to collect all the dead branches, dirt, stones, tree stumps, gravel, old outdoor furniture, and everything in between.

Why should you invest in a dumpster rental?

A dumpster rental is a cost-effective waste management tool for all project types. It can save time loading the trash, and you don’t have to make trips to the landfill or a transfer station. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with the details of solid waste disposal.

How do I get the most out of my dumpster rental?

Load your dumpster evenly, and don’t exceed the weight limit. Ask your hauler about the acceptable debris and return the dumpster on time. You can discuss a rental extension with us, and we can provide options.

Ready to Rent a Dumpster in Trenton?

If you’re ready to rent a dumpster in Trenton this summer, call Horizon Disposal. Our team is standing by and can help you get the right size dumpster for your project. Contact us today!