7 Items You Can’t Dispose of in Roll-Off Dumpsters

Here at Horizon Disposal Services, we’re proud to offer the best roll-off dumpster rental prices in Middlesex County, and nearby regions. You can dispose of many items in roll-off dumpsters, with many towns and cities having private regulations. However, there are a few items that you should never dispose of in a dumpster. We’ve listed seven of them below, to help our customers avoid damaging the environment or incurring a fine:


Batteries, car batteries, in particular, often contain lead-acid. This substance is dangerous and highly caustic. Therefore, batteries should always be disposed of carefully, as they can seriously damage the natural environment.

Box Springs and Mattresses

Some cities prohibit placing box springs or mattresses in roll-off dumpsters. There will be instructions available on how and where you should place them outside your property and arrange for pickup.

Motor Oil

Almost all municipalities have special drop off points dedicated to disposing of used motor oil. You must try to dispose of your correctly.


Paint, even latex and water-based paints, needs to be disposed of appropriately, and should not be put in a dumpster. This applies to paint thinners and stains as well.

Contaminated Materials

Any materials that made contact with human or animal bodily fluids could contain pathogens; therefore, they must be disposed of carefully. Check with your local authority on how to dispose of these items in your region.

Ink and Toner

Depending on where you live, these items may or may not be allowed to be placed in your roll-off dumpster for disposal. We’re referring to items such as printer and toner cartridges. Double-check before you throw these items away.

Flammable Equipment

Gas tanks, gasoline, or acids and adhesives must be disposed of carefully. Any items that could explode or cause a fire must be treated with caution.

Why Are These Items Prohibited?

In many cases, these items are recyclable or contain dangerous chemicals that must be disposed of professionally, outside of city landfills.

What Should I Do With These Items?

With any items listed here, contact your local authority to find out where to dispose of them safely. For more information on roll-off and concrete dumpster rental in Middlesex Countyclick here to contact a member of the Horizon Disposal Services team today.