Are you looking for a dumpster in Trenton? Renting a dumpster is a cost-effective solution to extensive residential and construction debris. You might need to consider this waste service when you have a residential renovation, construction, roofing projects, landscaping, or commercial business waste removal. Renting and using a roll-off dumpster can be a smooth-sailing process until your rental hits you with dumpster rental overage fees. Dumpster rental overage fees are the extra money a consumer pays to a dumpster rental to cover inconveniences caused, for instance, overloading the dumpster. Ordering a trash container in Trenton can be pretty straightforward, especially if you hire Horizon Disposal. However, many customers can ask about anything related to dumpster rental but forget to consider dumpster rental overage fees. Let’s check out the steps you can take to avoid extra fees when renting your container.  

Best tips for avoiding dumpster rental overage fees in Trenton


Estimate your project and rent a right-sized dumpster rental

The biggest blunder people make when renting a dumpster is choosing the ring dumpster size. It can happen if you’re a new renter, are in a hurry, or don’t understand the dumpster sizes’ ins and outs. When you rent the wrong container size, it might cost you more money in case of overloading/overfilling or requesting a container swap. Remember, you can’t compact heaps of junk to fit in a smaller container; it will increase the weight beyond the limit, attracting overloading fees.

Avoid all the hassle by letting a specialist here at Horizon Disposal help you choose the correct roll-off container. For a typic dumpster, we consider various project details like the debris weight, the scale of the job, and the type of debris. Additionally, consider asking your rental if they offer the roll-off size you’re looking for to avoid getting stuck with limited options. A typical dumpster is measured in cubic yards, and we’re proud to offer some of the market’s most dependable roll-off sizes.

Understand the company’s dumpster use guidelines

Avoiding dumpster rental overage fees sometimes is as simple as reading the fine print. Every Trenton dumpster rental offers a policy on how to use and what to put in your dumpster. Putting unacceptable junk in the dumpster is one of the things that can cost you extra fees. Before you sign the rental deal, ask your provider about the things you can load into the container. Hazardous waste and medical and toxic debris are some illegal items we don’t accept here at Horizon Disposal. Your best bet is to consult our customer support to get an ideal disposal option for hazardous trash.

Another thing is to get a cost overview for overages like overloading/overfilling, rental extension, dry run, etc. Factoring in such costs can help you stay on top of things and prepare yourself budget-wise in case of anything.

avoiding dumpster rental fees in Trenton

Return your dumpster on time

You don’t return the container, per se, but ensure you complete your project on time and have the container ready for pick up. When you keep the bin beyond the rental time, you might have to deal with extra pro-rate per day fees. Thankfully, dumpster rental schedules can be flexible, and you can customize a generous timeframe that fits your needs. It is best to consult customer support immediately for a personalized solution if you need an extension. 

Prepare for a dumpster placement beforehand.

Another way to avoid dumpster rental overage fees is to prepare a designated space for easy drop-off and pick-up of the container. And this includes eliminating any overhanging obstacles like wires and branches. If a dumpster delivery team cannot roll away the container on arrival, you might have to pay dry run fees. Let us know if you plan to park the dumpster on your driveway so we can provide safety boards. Horizon Disposal Services is your number #1 Trenton dumpster rental for wallet-friendly services. Give us a call!