The Importance of Recycling Plastic

The Importance of Recycling Plastic

When it comes to recycling plastic, we do not consider ourselves to be dramatic people, but we are willing to make a dramatic statement. Single use plastics are one of the most destructive things human beings have ever done to the environment. From depleting non-renewable resources to creating garbage that will not biodegrade to strangling […]

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Trash Removal

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Trash Removal

It comes as no surprise that trash removal and clearing clutter out of your home is an integral part of keeping your home, the haven it’s meant to be. What is however often overlooked, is the importance of keeping your workspace in order. Whether it’s residential, or commercial, waste removal in any form is indisputably […]

The Textile Waste Crisis & How To Reduce Your Footprint

Recycle Old Clothes Shoes and More

The volume of clothing Americans throw away each year has DOUBLED in the last 20 years. Although textile waste only represents 5.8% of MSW waste generated each year, many would be surprised to find that 85% of textile waste ends up in landfills or incinerators. Textiles can also take up to 200+ years to decompose […]

Construction Recycling Tips

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Construction Recycling Tips A Cheat Sheet for Responsible C&D Disposal Tackling a big renovation, remodel, or new construction project? If so, you are probably already thinking about what you will do for trash removal. Construction projects are notorious for the waste that they create. While renting a dumpster to haul off your trash is an […]

What Types of Plastic Products Can I Recycle?

What Plastic Products Can I Recycle

What Plastic Products Can I Recycle? Plastic recycling is recovering scrap or waste plastics and reprocessing the material into useful products. Compared to glass or metallic materials, plastic poses unique challenges – because of the massive number of types of plastic, they each carry a resin identification code. They must be sorted before they can […]

Can I Recycle This?

What Can I Recycle Tips on recycling

What Can I Recycle? Tips on recycling You may think you’re doing a good thing by trying to recycle as much as you can, however putting things in recycling that cannot be recycled can actually contaminate the whole load in turn doing more harm than good. Knowing what you can recycle and what not to […]