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Commercial Dumpster Rental in New Jersey

Any business that is in search of a reliable rental company for commercial dumpsters should look no further than the team at Horizon Disposal Services. As one of the leading companies in Mercer County and Bucks County, businesses of all sizes have turned to us for years with all of their dumpster rental needs. Before you start your next project, reach out to us to lock down the perfect dumpster for your worksite. With dumpsters as small as 12 cu. yd. and as big as 30 cu. yd., we’ve been able to help with projects big and small.

Professional Commercial Dumpster Rentals

We have been able to stand out from the competition because we emphasize creating the best customer experience possible. On top of that, we take great pride in offering top-of-the-line services to businesses large and small all across the Greater Philadelphia area. Since 2000, we have been the number one choice for commercial dumpster rental throughout Mercer County and Bucks County.

commercial dumpster rental sizes in croydon, pa

Do you own a moving company and a client plans on throwing away a lot of their belongings? Or did you just land a contract to build a new corner store in Philadelphia? There are many different reasons why companies may be in need of a roll-off dumpster for their job site. Regardless of your reason for needing a rental dumpster, businesses can take advantage of the amazing rates on all of our services. The dumpsters we provide for commercial dumpster rentals include:

  • 12 cu. yd., 20 cu. yd., 30 cu. yd. open top containers
  • Concrete recycle open tops (Ideal for demolition and renovation projects)

Reasons Why People Choose Commercial Dumpster Rentals

Are you just a week or two away from breaking ground on a new construction site? If so, it is important to have a reliable supplier of dumpster rentals to help to make removing and disposing of waste and other material much easier. Not only is it a smart move to trust a company that will recycle the material responsibly, but it is also dangerous to leave debris and trash lying around your worksite.

While we can proudly rent a residential dumpster to homeowners looking to renovate their homes, we also do the same for any business looking to give their company a fresh new look. Any businesses that are looking to rebrand or expand their property can do so with the help of Horizon Disposal Services.

While some other commercial dumpster companies only focus on removing your trash and debris as quickly as possible, we make sure your unwanted material is recycled to the best of our ability. Together we can do our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Horizon Disposal Services is pleased to provide commercial dumpster rental to businesses of all sizes in the Mercer County and Bucks County area. Give our offices a call today if you are beginning a project that would require a dumpster rental and the need for same-day cleanout services.