Dumpster Disposal for the New Year

Many cultures have traditions to clean for the New Year. Traditionally, New Year’s Eve is when we say goodbye to last year and welcome in the New Year. A thorough cleaning helps you get rid of the old and ring in the new.

Of course, it is past New Year’s Eve right now. We are a couple of months into the new year. However, you may be feeling like you are still stuck in 2021. Cleaning out your home is a great way to help embrace 2022. Even if you missed the clean out on New Year’s Day, which can actually be good luck. Many cultures think that cleaning on New Year’s Day, itself, creates bad luck for the entire year. So, if you have delayed your 2021 clean up until now, that is okay.

Preparing for the New Year is even more important in 2022. We have spent the last couple of years dealing with a global pandemic. For many of us, that has meant retreating into our homes. Working from home, kids going to school from home, and not socializing outside of the home has meant mess, mess, and more mess. Even though most of us have been able to get out of the house for school, work, and even some socializing, for many of us the mess remains.

Right now, it is looking like COVID-19 is under control and we are going to be able to get and stay out of our houses and back to a new normal. Get your home back to normal, as well. Take the time to go through the things you accumulated during the pandemic that you no longer use. You also want to spend time going through clothing. Many workplaces that went from on-site to remote stayed remote following the pandemic. Do you have a closet full of office clothing that you will no longer wear? Did you put on the pandemic pounds and have clothes that no longer fit? If so, clean out your closets just leaving clothes that will fit.

When you are tackling a major clean out, getting rid of your junk can be challenging. Renting a dumpster makes it so much easier. Instead of hauling junk to the dump or hoping that your normal trash disposal company can handle heavy loads, a dumpster lets you throw out junk without hassle. Once the dumpster is full, we remove it. It is a surprisingly affordable away to make your New Year’s cleanup a breeze!