Dumpster Rental Cost Based Around Your Needs

One of the top questions we get from customers is the cost of a Horizon Disposal dumpster rental. It really depends on your needs. The cost of your dumpster depends on the size you need, what type of materials you will dispose of in the dumpster, and how long you will have the dumpster. That is why it can be difficult to price a dumpster rental online. It is not because dumpster companies want to hide information from you, but because we want to make sure that you get an accurate and reliable quote.

Front End Load or Roll Off Dumpsters

The first question is what type of dumpster you need. Front end load dumpsters are the kinds of dumpsters you find for normal trash or recycling disposal in many commercial applications. You can rent these dumpsters for a single use, but they are usually for repeated use and trash or recycling removal. They come in smaller sizes that are good for small businesses like restaurants or offices all the way up to large sizes, which are big enough to handle everyday waste from big businesses like warehouses. Roll off dumpsters are generally larger than front end dumpsters. They are usually used for things like spring cleaning, cleaning out hoarder situations, demolition for remodeling projects, and construction projects. Roll off dumpsters have weight limits for their waste. Therefore, you may need to select a different size dumpster if you are disposing of heavy items, such as concrete or roofing materials.

Recycling or Garbage

Part of your dumpster cost includes waste disposal. We can regularly remove garbage from a front-end load dumpster or take a roll off dumpster off site for waste removal. However, not all items have the same disposal costs. Generally, garbage is more expensive than recycling. In addition, some recyclable materials may cost less than others, which can make it cost effective to get multiple smaller dumpsters depending on your project or job site.

We can recycle a variety of materials, including:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Clean Wood
  • Scrap Metal
  • Concrete

Length of Time

Another factor to consider is how long you will need the dumpster. Do you need it for regular garbage disposal? Do you need a long-term contract for a construction site? Do you need a dumpster for a week or two as you handle a demolition? Knowing how long you will need a dumpster helps us get you the best price.