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Roll-off Containers

Q – How quickly can I get a roll-off dumpster (Container)?
A- Horizon can deliver most dumpster delivery requests the same day as you call but never longer than the next day.

Q – How do I order a roll-off dumpster?
A- Our customer service representative is available at 609-341-9100 to help you through to order a dumpster.

Q-  What forms of payment are accepted and when is payment due?
A- Horizon’s preferred method of payment is by credit card.  Horizon accepts all major credit cards as forms of payment.  Credit Card information is taken when the order is placed. If a Payment by checks are required at the time of delivery.

Q- Are there additional fees charged when I order a roll-off dumpster?
A- Horizon does not have any additional fees charged to customers other than what is provided to customers at the time of order.

Q- How long can I keep a roll-off container?
A- Horizon allows roll-off containers to be used for a two-week period.  If additional time is required, this can be arranged.

Q- What can I NOT place in the roll-off container?
A- Do not place Hazardous Waste, Medical Waste, Toxic Materials, Paint, Tires, Freon, Appliances, Electronic Equipment or Asbestos Materials.  Our customer service representatives can help you dispose of those materials properly.

Q- How much material can I place in the container?
A-  The dumpster cannot be filled about the top rail.  For concrete, asphalt and soil materials, please fill the can no more than the ¾ level.

Q- Can I place the roll-off container in my driveway?
A- Yes, I your driveway is long enough.  When ordering your dumpster, please let our customer service representatives know and we will supply special pieces of wood to be placed under the container wheels.

Front Load Containers

Q- What is a front load dumpster?
A- A front-end dumpster is used for trash or recycling removal.  A dumpster can be serviced daily, weekly, monthly or more often if required.

Q- Who uses a front load dumpster?
A- They are used by businesses such as retail stores, office buildings, restaurants, schools and apartment buildings.  Separate dumpsters can  be used for trash and recyclables.

Q- What size front load dumpsters do we have available?
A- Horizon provides 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard containers.  Contact our customer service representative at 609-341-9100 to size your service needs correctly.

Q- What materials can NOT be placed in the front load dumpster?
A- You cannot place hazardous waste, medical waste, liquid waste, paints and tires. 

Q- Can my dumpster be locked?
A- Horizon does provide locking mechanisms for their front load dumpsters at an additional fee.