Community events typically come with substantial amounts of clean-up duties. Even with the best organization and litter management strategies, a lot of mess is still left behind. Whether you are hosting a one-off or an extensive community event, here are a few tips for quicker, more effective ways to clean up:

Research the Venue

Before making any clean-up plans, ensure you understand the terrain first. Take time to visit and familiarize yourself with the venue. A quick visit will help in choosing the clean-up equipment and litter pins. It will also help you determine whether it is possible to park utility vehicles, dumpsters, and portable toilets.

Plan the Clean-Up Ahead

It is essential to have all your supplies and clean-up equipment ready days before the event. This ensures you set the cleaning motion rolling as soon as the last guest leaves. Getting prepared also enables your team to handle urgent messes that cannot wait. Some of the ideal supplies for large events include bin bags, paper towels, cleaning cloths, glass, cleaners, upholstery cleaners, and protective gear.

Encourage Proper Disposal

During the event, encourage your guests to dispose of litter safely. Ideally, you need to place plenty of litter bins strategically around your venue. You can also provide signposts or posters that indicate where the bins are and whether any receptacles are dedicated to recyclable products.

Clean From the Start of the Event

To avoid the overwhelming mess at the end of the event, put someone in charge of clean-up right from the start of the event. Delegating clean-up duties to someone else helps free you up for other tasks. Ensure the person you chose has a knack for organization!

Don’t Forget the Hidden Areas

It is easy to focus your clean-up efforts on the most visible spaces of your venue while leaving the less visible places. Some of the areas that can be overlooked easily include the toilets, patios, and car parks.

Engage Extra Help

You should not rely on your in-house staff to do a professional job of event cleaning. Your minimum wage workers may not have the training to use specialized cleaning equipment. Professional cleaners will do the job faster and more efficiently to guarantee the best results.

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