Is Dumpster Rental Right for You? 

If you have a large amount of waste, debris, or trash, you may be wondering if dumpster rental is the right choice for you. You might think that as a dumpster rental service, Horizon Disposal Services would tell you that you should always rent a dumpster. However, sometimes dumpster rental is not the right solution to your waste disposal problems. Instead, we have put together a list of reasons people should rent dumpsters and a list of situations where people should explore other waste disposal options.

Dumpsters are a great temporary waste disposal solution. You rent them for a short period of time, fill them up, and then we haul them away to dispose of the waste. Of course, what a short period of time means depends on the person. You may want a dumpster for a week or even a big weekend if you are tackling a big cleaning project but need it for longer periods of time if you are removing waste.

People rent dumpsters when they are:

  • Tackling home improvement projects like renovations and remodeling.
  • Removing damaged items from homes after hurricanes and other natural disasters.
  • Cleaning out the garage.
  • Getting rid of items to prepare for a move or to put a home on the market.
  • Spring cleaning: we have dumpsters for yard waste and for the home.

While dumpsters are a great option if you have a large amount of waste, need it for a short period of time, and have items that most landfills will accept, they are not for everyone. Before renting a dumpster, you need to ask yourself:

  • How long do I need the waste removal? If you need a permanent or long-term waste removal solution, renting a dumpster is not going to be your most affordable option.
  • Do I have enough trash? A small dumpster holds three pickup truck loads of trash. If you have less trash, it may be less expensive to use other options.
  • What am I throwing away? If you are disposing of hazardous materials, you cannot take them to most landfills. Dirt and other yard debris may need special dumpsters so it can be recycled. Heavy items can make your dumpster overweight and result in significant overcharges. So, think about what you will be throwing away before renting a dumpster.

If a dumpster rental is the right choice for you, Horizon Waste Disposal offers competitive pricing and the best customer service in our area. Give us a call for a quote and to set up your dumpster delivery.