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As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and having LEED Accredited Staff, Horizon Disposal Services and its parent company, Mercer Group International can not only help you earn waste recycling points for the Construction Waste Management of your LEED project but also provides the LEED Project Management Services.

Horizon & Mercer Group International are moving forward with the Green movement for sustainability and LEED promoting demolition and recycling projects. No need to source separate waste on your job site, Horizon & Mercer Group International will accept your debris co-mingled and source separate materials at our Material Recovery Facility.

In addition to providing LEED Recycling Reports and Plans for both LEED v3 & LEED v4, the Mercer Group now offers the following LEED Services:

  • LEED v3 M&R Template Submittal (Prereq & Credits 1 thru 7)
  • LEED v4 M&R Template Submittals (Prereqs 1&2 / Credits 1 thru 5)
  • LEED v4 IEQ Template Submittals (Credits 3 & 4)
  • LEED v3 IEQ Template Submittals (3.1, 3.2, 4.1 thru 4.4)

Let our LEED Team save you time and money by submitting these scorecard credits for you as well as making sure you maximize the point opportunities.

Innovation & Design Credits (LEED AP): “Bonus Credit” for having a LEED AP on your project !! Having served as Project Managers on several LEED Projects and award winning LEED Projects, our inhouse LEED Team can facilitate a more successful LEED Project for our clients.

Construction Indoor Air Quality Plans (v3 & v4): Our LEED Team can author IAQ plans for credits in IEQ Category

Construction Activity Pollution Prevention (v3 & v4): Our LEED team can author and submit construction activity pollution plans which is a prerequisite on LEED Projects

LEED Green Associate Training: Become a LEED Credentialed Professional by earning the most esteemed Green Building Credential. Attend one of our classes facilitated by our in-house LEED Credentialed Instructors, and tour our LEED Recycling Facility!! Large groups sessions can be arranged at your location.

LEED Certificate Programs & CEUs: We offer USGBC Approved certificate courses for those seeking a basic knowledge of a LEED Project. And USGBC approved continuing education programs for existing LEED Credentialed personnel.