Perfect Time for Trash Disposal

Getting rid of trash soon? Right now, is the perfect time for trash disposal. You just need to know the rules for trash disposal in Trenton NJ to make sure you get things right. That is because New Jersey offers several different recycling programs that are designed to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. However, if you fail to follow the rules surrounding recycling, you can end up with your recycling items at the landfill. Understanding the rules can also help you determine if your curbside garbage pickup can handle your trash disposal or if you need to look into dumpster rental.

Generally, your community garbage pickup will be enough to handle your regular trash. You put your bins on the curb the evening before or the morning of your scheduled trash pickup day. They will remove your normal household waste. Of course, if you have an excessive amount of waste, you may need to place additional containers on the curb.

Your community will also have a bulk trash day. Bulk trash is not just for large items like furniture or appliances. It may also include items that are not covered under normal household trash. Check with your neighborhood or garbage company to find out when you have a bulk trash day. You also want to check on any rules. You may have to cut down branches, carpeting, and other bulky waste.

You also have curbside recycling. Normal recycling includes plastic, glass, paper, and metal. However, they cannot take all types of these products. Generally, you cannot recycle glass with food waste or dirt, broken mirrors of windows, mixed colored glass, crystal, metal or plastic caps, or cathode ray tubes.

You may need to follow special rules for certain types of trash. For example, while it is not illegal to dispose of medications in your household trash, we discourage people from that practice. New Jersey’s “Project Medicine Drop” allows residents to dispose of medication anonymously at the local police station. This keeps medications from getting out into the neighborhood.

You also want to be careful if you are disposing of electronics. Most electronic items contain toxic chemicals. They may also contain valuable metals, which should be recycled and not throw into landfills. Another consideration is that many electronic items may hold your personal information. You want to clear their memory before you throw them out. You also want to check and see if you can find places that recycle electronics to safely dispose of them.