Concrete Washout Containers

Concrete Washout Containers

As you know, if your construction or renovation site is using concrete, you need to have an EPA compliant concrete washout setup on site. Concrete washouts are portable solutions to help you capture environmentally harmful content, such as concrete, drywall mud, mortar, paint, and stucco. They come in various sizes and can be used to clean your tools or for excess from trucks or mixers.

Stop improvising. We have all been to a job site where someone tried to improvise a washout set up. Buckets and baby pools have their uses, but concrete washout should not be one of them.

Instead, invest in a portable, easy solution for your concrete washout. It helps you protect the environment, which we think is the most important thing. However, if you need more motivation, keep in mind that the EPA fine for failing to use a washout on your site is up to $11,000 a day!

We offer a portable, easy to setup, affordable fiberboard washout box. Lined with a poly bag, it can be covered to prevent water infiltration and is weather resistant. We offer additional options if you will be facing difficult weather conditions or if you need a secondary containment system.

Not sure what you need? Talk to one of our helpful customer service representatives. They will ask about your job site, the size of your project, and the materials you are using. It is important to keep in mind that larger projects do not just mean larger washouts; they also involve longer periods of time with weather exposure and a greater range of climate conditions. Our representatives will keep all of that in mind while asking questions about your project. Once they have the information that they need, they can match you with a concrete washout that will handle all of your needs and be ready to reuse again and again.