On Site Wood Recycling

Image by Jahongir Ismoilov

By far the most affordable recycling option you can choose is on-site recycling. It makes sense. When you separate your waste on-site, you eliminate the secondary labor involved in separating different types of waste. Furthermore, on-site recycling adds little to your upfront on-site labor costs. Your workers (or you) are going to have to transport items to a waste container, anyway. It does not add significant time or effort to transport it to a designated container.

We offer dedicated on-site containers for various types of recycling. One of our most popular is on-site wood recycling. In terms of everyday recycling, no one mentions wood. After all, in your curbside recycling containers, you are unlikely to ever dispose of wood products. However, when dealing with construction, demolition, or renovation projects, wood often makes up a significant portion of your waste. Recycling that wood saves you money, can help get your project certified as green compliant, and does the right thing for the environment.

Picking the right container size depends on the size of your project and how much wood you will encounter. Any project that involves large-scale demolition is going to have wood disposal because wood is used as the primary framework for most construction projects. Of course, if you are handling a kitchen or bathroom remodel where you are going to be removing wood cabinets, you will need a larger recycling container. To make sure you get the right size container, we ask you questions about the project.

You may also be disposing of other materials at the same time as your wood recycling. In that case, ask us about other dumpster options. Some job sites have multiple containers at a time- some for on-site recycling of construction materials like wood and concrete and others for routine junk disposal.