Storage Unit Rentals

Whether you are doing a big spring cleaning, getting prepared for a move, or just ready to declutter your house, Horizon has solutions for you. We are known for our dumpster rental, which offers you an easy and convenient way to get rid of junk and garbage. However, not all clutter is junk. What do you do if you have too much stuff, but you do not want to get rid of it all? Get a storage unit.

At Horizon, we offer a variety of storage unit sizes. In our units, you can safely store your stuff, protecting it from the elements and from potential thieves. Easy-to-access, you can get to your possessions at your convenience, without having to deal with them cluttering up your home.

People get storage units for a variety of different reasons.

Storing vehicles (jet skis, motorcycles, small boats, ATVs, etc.)

  • Moving
  • Home renovations
  • Archives and records
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Lack of space
  • Relationship changes

One of the top reasons people use storage facilities is for a temporary place for their possessions. Are you in the middle of a move? Are you doing home renovations that mean you need to move your possessions? Are you in the middle of a divorce or breakup and not sure where you are going to land? A storage facility can keep your possessions secure until you get to a more permanent living space.

Another reason to use a storage facility is when you need to keep things, but you do not want them cluttering up your home or businesses. People who have to store records for a certain period of time often choose storage facilities. They are also a great option for people with seasonal needs. Store your holiday d├ęcor in a storage facility and never have to deal with hauling things in and out of the attic or basement again!