We Purchase Scrap Metal

Metallic Pieces

You may look at your scrap metal and see a pile of junk, but we look at it and see a pile of money. Metal recycling remains an important component of the modern industrial world. Everyone knows that metal mining is destructive to the Earth and expensive, which can increase the prices we pay for products and even make it impossible to get some products when the supply chain is interrupted. Metal recycling helps open alternate supply chains, keeping prices low and protecting the environment.

At Horizon, we offer scrap metal recycling for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are those metals that have iron in them. The most common ferrous metal is, of course, iron, but steel also contains iron. Non-ferrous metals include things like aluminum, tin, and copper. We can recycle a variety of metals including pure metals, alloys, and raw metals.

When people think of scrap metal, they often think of large pieces of metal. From automobile frames to metal furniture, these items contain a large amount of metal and may be difficult to remove to a recycling facility on your own. We can provide for dumpster rental if you have a large number of bulk metals for recycling.

However, we can also handle small metal recycling. Electronics often contain a significant number of metals. These include valuable metals like copper, gold, platinum, and cadmium.

Metal recycling depends on several factors, including the global market for the recycled metals. If you are unsure whether we recycle a particular metal, give us a call. We can let you know whether we buy that type of scrap metal, our going rate for it, and whether you need to do any prep work in order to sell it to us. Make some money off of your trash, by selling us your scrap!