DIY remodeling is more popular now than ever, thanks to its benefits to homeowners. First, DIY projects can save you thousands of dollars because you’ll be doing the work yourself. Additionally, DIY remodeling improves your property’s value, giving you a sense of achievement. Importantly, you can execute the remodeling design how you want since you’re in charge of the project. Whether you need a kitchen makeover, upgrade the bath, or give your entire property a new look, this DIY remodeling guide for Trenton properties will simplify your project.

Start with a plan and design.

DIY-ers are great at building things from scratch to completion. Whether a simple checklist or a professional remodeling plan and design, it is crucial to have a clear project blueprint. Are you planning a small or large home renovation? Significant projects like window replacement, siding jobs, roof replacement, or complete kitchen and bath remodeling require detailed planning beforehand; it can be costly to repair mistakes once your project takes shape. 

Strategic planning can help you buy suitable remodeling materials and get the right team where necessary. Also, you can avoid costly mistakes, reduce costs and ensure your project adheres to the building codes and standards. 


You might not have to pay for skills, experience, and professional services as a DIYer. However, you inevitably need money to cover material costs and professional services that are a must, like plumbing, electrical inspections, and waste disposal. Planning and ensuring you have enough budget to complete your remodeling endeavor is crucial. 

The best way to create a realistic budget is to list all the cost estimates. For instance, if you’re planning to tackle the kitchen renovation, you’ll need to create a rough estimate for each item, like walls, countertops, windows, flooring, cabinetry, etc. 

Trenton DIY remodeling guide

How much money should you put into remodeling for Trenton properties?

Remodeling in Trenton can cost anywhere from $10 to $60 per square foot. However, the actual cost depends on the project you plan to do and the material costs in your area. You can save $1,000s when you renovate your property yourself. For example, upgrading your home insulation through DIY can cost an average of $962 instead of the $2,937 you would shell out if you hired a contractor. 

Do you need permits? 

Another crucial step that’s easy to overlook when doing a DIY is permitting. Check if any projects require inspection, certification services, or permitting to demolish and change the structural design. Don’t pick up a hammer before familiarizing yourself with the latest renovation guidelines and regulations. The building codes and permitting requirements vary, and it is vital to tackle this step before spending money and time and ending up not being approved by the authorities. 

Source for materials

DIY projects mean you’re relying on yourself to handle 95% of the job alone, which can cost you a lot of time. Planning gives you an accurate picture of the needed materials for the job. Buy these items beforehand and ensure you’ve everything on site. Also, getting your construction materials ahead can allow you to snag the best deals. Check the materials list, ensuring you have everything needed. 

Create a demolition strategy

Demolition can be fun yet a lot of work. If you plan to rip apart the floors, cabinets, or walls, you need a storage option for your valuable items. Move all the items to another room or rent a storage space to keep stuff while you work on your renovation. Another crucial thing is a disposal option for the rubble. Rent a temporary container to discard all the demolition waste. Trust Horizon Disposal to get the right dumpster for any DIY job size in Trenton