Waste Collection Services in New Jersey

For the best waste collection services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, customers turn to Horizon Disposal Services. We are known for our affordable, same-day services, setting us apart from the competition. Do you think you will need to dispose of garbage or building waste from your job site or business in Mercer County, NJ? If so, our waste collection services are just for you.

Building Waste Removal in Burlington County

Any type of construction or demolition work will create tons of debris and waste. Since most construction materials won’t fit into standard waste containers, materials require special disposal bins. Regardless of whether your business is involved in a project or it simply requires consistent garbage and waste removal, Horizon Disposal Services has the well-trained team and proper equipment to assist. Our disposal bins offer a logical solution to help you build more efficiently, control waste on-site, and achieve your sustainability goals. From concrete debris removal to the rental of commercial dumpsters, there is no company that provides higher quality waste collection services than Horizon Disposal Services.

We have commercial waste containers that range in size from 12 cu. yd., 20 cu. yd, up to 30 cu. yd. You can also rent all different sizes of commercial compactor containers. If you’re starting up a renovation project or demolishing an old building, then our dumpster rentals make removing construction debris such as concrete as simple and convenient for you and your business.

Waste Management Company in Bucks County

Horizon Disposal Services is the leading waste management and removal company in Bucks County due to their wide selection of dumpster sizes for rent. We have you covered from major commercial jobs involving heavy materials, to minor home improvement jobs across PA and NJ. You can contact us for residential dumpsters as they are great for all types of projects.

With our quality-made residential dumpster rentals, we have served residents in Mercer County who are putting an extension on their home as well as homeowners in Burlington County who have converted their cellar into a full basement. These dumpsters can be used for any of your trash or recycling needs. With rates that are competitively priced and service on the same day, it would sound crazy to not contact our team at Horizon Disposal Services for your residential waste removal services. We have helped customers all throughout the Bucks County, Mercer County, Monmouth County, and Middlesex County areas.

More Than Waste… Recycling Too!

As responsible citizens of the earth, it’s important that everyone does their part in keeping the planet that we live on clean. Along with our waste collection services, we also keep a watchful eye for any recycled products. These include:

Unsure of what waste collection services you need? Ready to get started preparing a work zone with one of our dumpster rentals? Get in contact with our offices today to learn about how you can receive a free quote.