Today, going green isn’t just about saving the polar bears or even saving the environment. There are many tangible benefits that turn environmental sustainability into an essential aspect of any modern business plan. Here are a few reasons why our clients at Horizon Disposal Services have chosen to sign up for our recycling service:

Spend Less Money

Unlike traditional waste disposal companies, recycling services can recover some of their costs by selling the items that they pick up. Therefore, they are willing to tow away your unwanted items at a significantly lower price.

Get Grants for Going Green

Many nonprofits and government agencies offer incentives for businesses that have great recycling programs or promote other eco-friendly practices. If you enact a recycling program and track its results, you might be able to get some additional funding.

Build a Better Reputation

Did you know that more than 55% of Americans view protecting the environment as an important issue? Many modern customers look to what a company stands for just as much as what product or service it offers, so a recycling program is a simple way to show that your business shares their values!

Improve Employee Morale

Many of your employees want to preserve the environment through recycling, and they will feel more empowered when it’s easy to do so. Regular recycling also creates a more eco-conscious work culture that encourages reuse, rather than sending old items straight to the waste bin.

…And Yes, Save the Environment

Landfills contribute to global warming, depletion of natural resources, and the contamination of soil and groundwater supplies. Signing up for a recycling service is a simple and effective step to reduce your business’s impact on the environment and help your community.

You Need a Recycling Expert

When you partner with an experienced recycling service like Horizon Disposal Services, you benefit from our expertise. We’ll help you create a plan to limit your company’s waste, and we’ll take care of the logistics of getting your recyclable materials from your business to a reputable recycling plant.

To find out more about our recycling containers for businesses and why we are a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council, call our team today at 609-934-1840!