Scheduling a residential roll-off dumpster for your home is necessary when completing extensive construction, demo, or landscaping projects. However, you’re probably wondering about dumpster rental prices in Trenton. Dumpster rental fees are straightforward here at Horizon Disposal. Fees we provide you with when your order is final, and there are no hidden costs. We communicate with our customers to avoid misunderstandings in isolated cases like overfilling/overloading a dumpster or loading banned garbage into your bin. And thanks to our competent team, we’re confident you’ll enjoy a hassle-free process. Whether planning a home clean out or renovation, understanding the factors that impact dumpster rental prices in Trenton is important. 

5 Things That Impact Dumpster Rental Costs

A dumpster rental price is a combination of various parameters. The flat rate estimate you get for free here at Horizon Disposal depends on several things, and today we’re sharing five of those factors. 

Dumpster Size

Dumpsters are available in various sizes, each costing differently. And this is perhaps the biggest factor impacting the overall rental price. Bigger roll-off sizes cost more than smaller dumpsters. Getting the dumpster sizing right can help lower your dumpster rental costs. For instance, if your project estimate indicates that you need a 20-cubic yard dumpster, you should rent that size or a bigger one to avoid any costly errors. 

When you rent a smaller container and realize you have more debris later, you’ll have to pull another dumpster, spending way more money. If you’re not confident about choosing the right dumpster size, you can consult our experts to help you. 

Dumpster Prices in Trenton


Dumpster prices also vary by region, which means your location is another thing that can impact the cost. If it takes your hauler more time, labor, and gas to bring a roll-off container to your job site, you can expect the price to be high. Your safest bet is shopping for a dumpster from local rentals because it is cheaper than national companies. 

A local Trenton dumpster rental company has its inventory close to your job site, cutting costs by hundreds of dollars. Horizon Disposal provides more accurate rental estimates that match your location.

Rental Time

Depending on your project needs, different rental durations can also impact dumpster rental prices in Trenton. Your rental period can be by days, weeks, or months; each has its price, and you can expect to pay more for a longer dumpster rental duration.

The best way to cut costs on your rental time is to schedule your dumpster to arrive just when you’re ready to load it. If you need a dumpster for a day, you can consider a same-day dumpster. We’ll deliver and pick up the roll-off container the same day. You can expect to pay additional prorated fees for rental extensions. 

Type and Weight of the Debris

The dumpster comes with a weight cap, and the type of waste you need to dump can impact the weight. We factor in the weight limit in your initial dumpster fee. However, exceeding this limit, you can expect to pay a prorated fee per ton. Providing detailed information regarding your waste type and estimated tons can help us give an accurate dumpster size to avoid overage fees.


The simple law of demand versus supply can also impact dumpster rental fees. Busy seasons mean dumpsters are in high demand, and costs could skyrocket during this time. On the flip side, demand for roll-off containers can be low during slow seasons like fall, lowering the dumpster rental price. 

Horizon Disposal offers the best dumpster rental prices in Trenton. Whether you need 12, 20, or 30-yard dumpsters, we can customize reasonable wallet-friendly fees.