Fall is a popular time for home improvements. Whether getting ready for holiday company, making improvements as holiday gifts, getting a savings bonus for off-season work, or just enjoying the break from summer heat, many people tackle home improvement projects in the fall. That means that the fall may be the perfect time to rent a dumpster. Getting a dumpster makes disposing of project waste easy, simplifying your project, saving time, and possibly saving money.

Tree Trimming and Yard Clean Up

Many people put off their yard clean-up for the spring. However, cleaning up your yard in the fall is actually a safer choice. Trees with overgrown branches pose a danger in the winter. Freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, and high winds can lead to broken and falling branches. Protect your property by trimming your trees in the fall. The more loose, overgrown, or dead branches you remove now, the fewer possibilities that a branch will fall and hit your home.

Getting rid of other yard waste is also important. Fallen leaves provide a perfect habitat for all sorts of creepy crawlies, which can then enter your house. Cleaning up your yard in the fall can make your home less attractive to pests.

The easiest way to get rid of yard waste is to get a dumpster. A dumpster lets you get rid of plenty of yard waste. It is also easier than the alternatives. With a dumpster, you do not have to cut and bundle branches for disposal. You also do not have to worry about transporting the waste to your local landfill.


Fall is a great time to tackle roof repairs or replacement. If you are hiring a professional roofing company, make sure that waste disposal is part of your contract. If it is not or if you are tackling a DIY project, make disposal simpler with a dumpster. We even offer dumpsters specifically for disposing of asphalt shingles, which can be heavier than traditional household waste.


Make sure your home is secure from winter winds by keeping your siding well-maintained. Fall is a great time to remove any rotted siding and replace it. If you have a big job, rent a dumpster to make your disposal easier.

Porches and Decks

If you have noticed any rotting or weak areas on your porch, you want to replace or repair them before winter. Once covered up by winter snows, these areas can become very dangerous. You may also need sturdy handrails during the winter months. It is a great idea to thoroughly inspect all of your exterior surfaces before the winter hits. Even relatively small repairs can mean plenty of waste, so make your disposal process easy by renting a dumpster.