Can Spring Cleaning Help Your Pest Problem?

If you struggle to deal with pests in your attic, basement, or garage, you may be able to use spring cleaning as an opportunity to clear up extra space in your home and deal with your pest problem at the same time. No matter the size of your cleanup job, there are disposal containers for rent in Langhorne to fit your exact needs. It’s no secret that pests love clutter. Rodents and bugs see your messy space as a place to hide from predators, and moths can easily feast on your old clothes if they build up too much. A good spring cleaning can help clear up any pest problem you may have and prevent potential future infestations.

How You Can Prevent Future Infestations 

If you want to get rid of home infiltrators and make sure they don’t come back, there are several steps you should take during your clean to help achieve this goal.

Get Rid of Junk

The first big step is to remove any old items that you don’t need. It is easy to let old clothes and boxes build up in your attic or basement, especially if you store them one or two items at a time over the years as most people do. If you have a clutter problem in your space, a look around will probably yield some items that can be thrown away or recycled.

Remove Items from Floor

Secondly, you should remove all items stored on the floor and organize whatever is left on shelves. Rodents roam around on the floor when you’re not around, and jumbles of boxes and clothes provide them with plenty of places to hide. Clearing out your floors will help reveal any pests that may be hiding there, and keeping the floors clean will keep them from coming back.

Swap Cardboard for Plastic 

Another preventative measure you can take is to get rid of your cardboard boxes and replace them with sealed plastic containers. Pests can easily penetrate the cardboard, especially if it’s old, which can pose a risk to the items stored within. If you’re cleaning out your space for the first time in a while, it may seem daunting, and you may be wondering how to get rid of all your unwanted stuff and trash. If you know that you have far too many items to get rid of than what your weekly trash collection will accept, renting a dumpster may be a good option. For more information on dumpster container rental in Mercer County, reach out to the pros at Horizon Disposal Services.