MRF - Materials Recovery Facility

Materials Recovery Facility

If you need recycling, you need a materials recovery facility. Also known as MRFs or MURFs, materials recovery facilities are recycling facilities. At MRFs, we separate recycling materials and send them to buyers.

For most people, recycling needs to be part of a waste management strategy. The majority of waste, especially in businesses, is recycled waste. However, simply separating recycling from garbage may not be enough. It is important to investigate and understand whether a recycling program is single-stream or multiple-stream.

Single-stream recycling programs are common in most curbside recycling in the United States. Single stream recycling means that you separate the recyclable materials into different types. The facility does not sort the recycling materials. Mixing materials can result in all of your recyclables being trashed instead of recycled. Multi-stream recycling separates recycling into different materials once it is at the waste facility.

The whole purpose of a MRF is to sort recyclable materials. Generally, a MRF can recycle various types of plastics, papers, glass, metals, cartons, and cardboard. Most products get sorted and baled. Glass gets crushed.

Different MRFs have different capabilities. Some MRF facilities require sorted, clean materials. These materials are easier to recycle and may have higher recovery rates. However, requiring people to sort their recyclable materials can result in a lower number of materials actually being placed in recycling containers. Dirty MRFs can process generic recycling containers and can even process trash to try to remove recyclables that have been included in regular garbage.

At our recycling facility, we handle recycling haul off in designated dumpsters, as well as providing recycling services for Mercer County residents. We recycle multiple materials:

Some of these materials are outside of what you can place in normal curbside recycling programs, which means you can utilize our services to increase your environmentally friendly practices.