On Site Concrete Recycling

Concrete & Wood Recycling

When we think of recycling, we often think of non-renewable resources like plastic. However, recycling is helpful for the environment, and the economy, even if what we are recycling is a renewable resource. For example, concrete recycling is an important part of the modern construction industry. Not only are the end results used in a variety of projects, but recycling concrete can help you earn green certifications, keep you in compliance with state and local rules, and save you money on your projects. The easiest way to accomplish this is by having on-site concrete recycling on your job sites.

Why is on-site recycling better than off-site recycling? At Horizon, we do offer sorting where we try to reclaim recyclable material at our waste transfer facilities. However, that process is more expensive than if you sort your materials yourself. That is because we have to dedicate time, labor, and space to the process. It is also less efficient. Waste sorting facilities are, by their nature, always going to miss some recyclable materials. Handling the recycling on your end, when you initially dispose of waste, saves everybody time and money.

What happens to concrete after you recycle it? Generally, it is reused in other construction projects. People use recycled concrete in a variety of different ways including underlayment, backfill, erosion control, commercial slab and foundation, mounding, stabilization, waterfalls, retaining walls, walkways, draining improvement, and parking lots. At our facility, we produce ¾” clean stone and 1 ½“ blend stone.

If you want to protect the environment, save money, and make your recycling easier, choose one of our on-site concrete recycling options. With dedicated dumpsters and regular removal, we can help you keep your work site clean, get rid of heavy and cumbersome concrete, and save you money. Contact us today with information about your job, so that we can match you with the right product.